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Hi Katherine! The ETS (Educational Testing Service) handles duplicate GEDs in California. You should start by checking with them. Here's the contact info:

Toll-free: 866-370-4740
ETS - GED Records Center
P. O. Box 4005
Concord, CA 94524-4005

Cindy, unfortunately there are way too many people who have trouble finding records of their GEDs, because in the past records were spread out among a lot of different locations and groups! Hopefully your records aren't lost... Here are a couple things to think about.

Are you certain you took your GED in Massachusetts? Could you have, for some reason, gone over the state line? You might check with other localities where you might have taken it.

Does the military have records of your GED in their files, and can you get them from your records? If you've sent GED records to anywhere else in the past, like a college or job, you might check with them as well. Another thought: If you happened to be in the Coast Guard, you might check here for your GED: ... they have Coast Guard GEDs after 1974.

Are you certain that you took the GED in 1978, not a few years earlier? Military GEDs from 1974 and before can be found here:

Good luck! GED records-keeping is improving, but often it's a lot of trouble for those who took a GED years ago!



Hi, Jose. In Tennessee, you should be able to get a copy of your GED scores or diploma by printing out this form:

Fill it out and mail or fax it to:

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Division of Adult Education/GED Office
220 French Landing Drive
Nashville, TN 37243-1002
Fax: 615-532-4899

Looks like there's no fee! For more info on the GED in Tennessee, check here:

Good luck!

Gwain Brown

I got my Ged from great meadow correctonal facilty. how do i get a copy of it???

brian james chapman
Hello I recieved my GED at the mdoc in march 2001 could you give me so me help locating it< thanks for your time.
Gwain, the NY state department of education should be able to give you a copy of your GED... The information is here:

You'll need to fill out the form that's on that web page and pay a $4 fee for a transcript, or $10 for a transcript and diploma.  There's also a walk-up window in Albany.

Brian, your MDOC GED should be available through the GED Testing Service's online GED Transcript Request form.  Here's a link:

Good luck!
Chadric Anderson

I lost my transcript and I really need the original copy of it to get my financial aid disbursed. I obtained my GED @ Commonwealth Of Virginia in Petersburg,VA

Hi, Chadric! You can get a copy of your GED transcripts or certificate from the Virginia GED office. The form is available as a .pdf or a Word document. There is a $5 fee for a transcript, and a $10 fee for a duplicate certificate. You can find the pdf here:

The word document is here:

For more information, visit this web page:

Good luck!

David Webb

yeah somebody stole my GED at job corps

Hi David... that's a shame! Where did you get your GED? I can probably let you know how to get a copy.
David, I believe you can get a copy of your GED transcript from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The information and form is here:

Pennsylvania doesn't give duplicate copies of the diploma, only the transcripts, but your transcripts should be proof of your GED for any jobs or colleges.

If you took the GED in a different state, let me know.


hi... my name is pamela and i got my G.E.D at las colinas womens facility in sandiego but when i was send up to prison i lost it at court. what can i do to get it back so i can proof i graduate and get a good job  can you please help?? thankyou

Hi, Pamela. The Educational Testing Service GED records center should be able to help you... they handle all GED records for California. Here's the contact info:

Toll-free 866-370-4740

ETS - GED Records Center
P. O. Box 4005
Concord, CA 94524-4005

If you have difficulty with your records, you might try calling Las Colinas directly: (619) 258-3176

Best of luck!



I took my ged in connecticut but i live in georgia how can i get a copy of my ged withput traveling up to connecticut?

patty clark

i got my ged in 1997 while locked up in franklin pre-release how can i get a copy of that i was in columbus ohio

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