How many points would i need to gain a 500 Battery Average?  The scores i've listed below are a non-pass in the mathematics portition getting only a 310.

Standard Score Total  2350

Battery Average 470

Leonard Williams
To get your GED certificate you will need to get a score of 410 on the math test. A score of 310 on the math tests means you got about 10 answers correct. To get a score of 410, you will need to get at least 35 answers correct on the math test. This will raise your whole average to above the 500 Battery average. LW
As of June, my new math scores are 380 (which I passed everything else), my total battery is 2260 & my battery average is 452. How many more points or correct questions do I need to get right to pass the test?
Hello Ladyz,

You'll need to bring your math score up to a 410 in order to pass the test and get your certificate. Call your testing center right away and schedule a retest, because it has to get done this year. Then give us a call and we can get you set up with a study program so you can get those 30 points--or more!

Robb Vancil
GED Academy
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