I found this forum in a Google search, so, apologies if this question has been asked before, but I was unable to find the answer I need using the topic search feature.
I am trying to figure out what my GPA might be today using the old GED scoring system?
I am applying for grants, scholarships, etc., to take an online computer course through a University, (not entering college full time), and they all request a GPA.
I took the test in 1992 and the "Average Standard Score" shown on the certificate is 59.0.
There are "standard scores" and "percentile rank" shown for each of the 5 subjects:
Writing skills: 64/92  (standard score/percentile rank)
Social studies: 62/89
Science: 62/89
Interpreting Literature and the Arts: 58/79
Math: 49/47
(Total score is 295?)
I was going to study at home using the "GED On TV" program back then and they sent me a "pre-test" to participate, but when I took the pre-test they told me I did not need to study and to go ahead and take the actual test. A letter I received at the time told me that my scores were pretty high on everything (except math, but I did pass on the first try!)
If anyone can shed some light on the old scoring system in relation to GPAs, I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks!
Hi Nicki. So, we tell people that broadly speaking you can convert your old GED test scores into new GED test scores by just adding a "0" at the end of all your scores. However, since the contents of the old test and the new test are different, this isn't the most accurate result. I'm not sure how to convert your GED scores into a GPA. Firstly, you might find this pdf helpful: http://www.acenet.edu/Content/NavigationMenu/ged/etp/1988Series_CollegeAdmissionsFlyer.pdf . After reading that, if I were you, I'd just call the college you're trying to get into and explain the situation. They are most definitely familiar with GED students and they probably have a certain way they want you to fill out those forms. Hope that helps; good luck!

need my old Ged transcripts history
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