hi, can someone help me.
i lost my ged and need another copy. i got my ged in Mississippi around 1993-1995.  thanks
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Hi! To get a copy of your Mississippi GED, download the .pdf form at: http://www.colin.edu/gedonline/grequest.pdf

There's a $5 fee by money order, cashier's check, or certified check. Just print and fill out the form and send it with the fee to the address at the bottom of the form:

GED Office
3825 Ridgewood Road
Jackson, MS 39211


i lost my ged copy how can i get another one? I got it in geneva ny in 2005-2006

Hi, Mike! You can get a copy of your New York GED diploma or transcript from the New York Department of Education. Complete instructions are on this website:


You'll need to fill out a form with your information (you can download the form as a PDF here: http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/ged/duplicate_diploma.html) and mail it with a check or money order made out to the New York State Education Department, for $4 for a transcript or $10 for a transcript and diploma to:

                GED Testing Office
                P.O. Box 7348
                Albany, New York 12224-034
Hi, I lost my GED in the move to Texas, I took it in Tennessee. How do I get another?!
Hi Celia,
   Tennessee's Dept. of Education website is a little less user-friendly than some I've seen. However, you can call this number: 615.741.2731 to reach their call center. Just say you passed your GED test in Tennessee, and you need to request a copy of your certificate. I'm sure they can point you in the right direction. Good luck!
I took my ged in '09- '10 and passed, but I lost the paperwork in a fire. When I tried to contact the place where I took the ged class and test, they can't find my record in the system. What should I do? The test location is in Gulfport, MS if that helps any.
Hey Mike,

So sorry to hear your diploma was lost in a fire. The GED Certificates should be stored by the MS Department of Education as well as the location you took the test at. To find your diploma go to: http://www.passged.com/local-ged.php then choose the state you took the test in (Mississippi) and on that state page there is information towards the bottom on how to get a duplicate transcript.

If you did not complete the entire GED test with passing scores, the partial exam is only saved for 2-5 years, depending on the testing center. If this is the case, don't fret. You can get completely prepared again quickly online with the GED Academy at: http://www.passged.com/passged-study-program.php

~Kit Parker
GED Academy

Hi I lost my ged and I need another copy. I took my ged test in bradford pennsylvania 2009 and now I stay in Texas now if u could help I would be grateful thank you.
Hi Jeffery,

  Your records will be with the state of Pennsylvania. The link below is a pdf of the paper you need to fill out. Send it to the address on the form along with $3 for processing. If you have any additional questions, you can call Pennsylvania's GED Administrator at (717) 787-5532.

GED Transcript Request Form

I hope that helps!

Kirsten Thomas
GED Specialist
GED Academy
I can't remember what. County I took my GED in 1993 somewhere in north. Mississippi. How can. I find out

I took GED on 10-04-13 and received the score on 11-20-13 and I am not satisfied with the score .I feel like something is wrong somewhere. Can the New York State Department rescore my GED? may be they used the wrong answer sheet to score my GED.
Hi Victorine,

Sorry to hear your test scores are lower than you believe they should be. The best thing to do is to contact the testing center where you took the test. They should be able to help you verify your scores. If they can't help you, contact the GED Administrator in New York. You can find that information at this website: http://www.gedtestingservice.com/testers/ged-testing-administrator

Good luck!
--Robb Vancil
Im trying to find out .how to get a copy of a lost ged. My husband lost his. Ge took it in Arkansas.
Hi Sharon,

Here is a link to get a copy of your husband's GED transcripts.


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