When I was 20 I joined the National Guard and participated in the GED Plus Program. I received my GED and it was sent to me. I moved and now I can't find my GED certificate or my transcripts. I have no clue how to get another copy and I would like to further my education. Please Help. Thank you!

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Hi, Brittanie! If you tested for the GED after October 1, 1985 as active duty military personnel, you can request a copy of your transcript directly from the American Council on Education. The form is here: http://www.acenet.edu/Content/NavigationMenu/ged/test/after/transcript_request.htm

The transcript costs $12.00 (money order or credit card) right now, but $14.00 as of 1/1/09. Instructions are at the top of the page.

If you tested between Sept. 1, 1974 and Oct. 1, 1985, you'll need to go through the state where you took the test. You can find GED state administrators here (scroll down the page): http://www.passged.com/test_state.php ... or just post again, to let me know where you took the test.

If you tested before Sept. 1, 1974, contact:
      Educational Testing Service
      P.O. Box 6605
      Princeton, NJ 08541-6605
      Toll Free: (800) 257-9484

For more specialized military transcript information, go to: http://www.acenet.edu/Content/NavigationMenu/ged/test/after/transcript.htm

Hopefully this gets you what you need!

Hi my name is Brandy i am 26 years old now and i got my GED almost 11 years ago,I was in a juvenile boot camp in Macon,Georgia.I know am taking courses for medical billing and coding and no longer have my GED Certificate.Can you help me and tell me what to do PLEASE?

hi I was 20 when I got my GED and I lost my deploma and now am trying to go to college. I took my GED test online and now can't find the site I took it on to get a copy for my school. how do I go about finding it?
Hey Amanda,

There is no way to take the real GED test online and any website offering a GED test or diploma that you take online or via mail is a scam. The Official GED Test must be taken in person at a state governed testing center. I recommend finding an official testing center in your area so you can take the test in person and get your real GED.  Here is a link to find a testing center near you: http://www.passged.com/test_state.php  If you don't think you are quite ready for the test, we offer a preparation program that will get you ready.

You can start a FREE trial here: http://www.passged.com/free-ged-course.php

You can do a FREE practice test here: http://www.passged.com/homeroom/free-ged-practice-test.php

You can register here:

If you have any more questions, I'd be more than happy. Feel free to contact me at 1-800-460-8150. We would love to have you as one of our students.


Trevor Forbess
GED Academy
I lost my GED, went to apply for a copy. I remember the name and location of the testing facility but not the exact dates. How can I obtain a copy without the exact dates?
Hi Carl,

You can request a copy of your GED transcript at ged123.org. You can also call the GED Administrator in the state where you took the test. You can find that number here: http://www.gedtestingservice.com/testers/ged-testing-administrator

I lost my ged  and need to get ather one but don't how I got it when I was in the Army 1974 none of the web sites that I need wont let me on.x
Hi Larry,

Have you called the folks at DANTES? That is the GED administrator for the military and they should have your transcripts. Their number is 850-452 1111 ext 3118.

I hope that helps!

Robb Vancil
GED Academy
hey there! 
i recently wrote my ged and obtained a diploma however in the process of waiting for my certificate in the mail i moved to a different address and now my certificate got lost via postal. what do i do to get it?

Hi Davica,

The best way is to go through
. They’ll just need some basic information from you to look up your records.

The GED Administrator of the state where you took the test will also have access to your records. Go to this website for that information: http://www.gedtestingservice.com/testers/ged-testing-administrator. You’ll be able to find contact information (phone and e-mail) to talk to someone directly. You’ll also find links to state websites and you can follow the instructions there to order transcripts and diplomas.

I hope that helps. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Robb Vancil

GED Academy

Hello, I am having a lot of trouble tracking down my GED. I took it twice, once in great lakes, Illinois, while in boot for the USN, back in Nov 2007. The second time I took it was in 2011 because my squadron could not locate it. I am no longer in the Navy and the proctor company shut down. I cannot locate either one and I really need it to continue my education. If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Colin,

I have a few ideas on where you can try to get your GED transcript. First, try the
GED Administrator for the state of Illinois:
Jennifer K. Foster
GED Administrator
Illinois Community College Board
401 E. Capitol Avenue
Springfield, IL 62701
(217) 558-5668
This information is found on the GED Testing Service website.

You can also go to: Lake County Regional Office of Education for a GED Transcript Request. Here is the link:

Good luck! Hope this helps!

i graduated from Paris Junior College for my Ged. I even went to college that and proceeded to go to Ashford University and need my ged scores. I contacted Paris Junior College for my scores and they told me to go online and print it off. When I put my information in. The online couldn't find my scores. I called PJC and I was asked to bring my ged certificate and my graduation pictures like I was lying. I feel that I shouldn't have to take it over and pay for something I already took. I need help on what I need to do. Because of this situation I have a setback. Plus I only had to pay $60 and now the test is $120. I can't go to college in less I had some type of diploma and I did two years of college.
Hi Veronica,

As far as I'm aware, the only way to get the GED certificate is to go to an official testing center and taking the test in person. It is not a class you can complete, and you certainly cannot take the test online. GED Testing Services website has suggestions and recommendation for you.


Laura Shi, Adviser

GED Academy


1.800.460.8150 | http://www.passged.com

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