My cousin plans to take the GED exams but we are sceptical as we are not sure if he can get a college degree in the UK or Holland with the GED grades. Please do let me know if GED is accepted in the European countries. Thank you.

Hi! 98% of colleges and universities in the U.S. accept the GED diploma, but many have other entrance examinations or requirements that applicants need to complete. Each college sets its own standards and requirements for admissions. For colleges in the UK and Holland, the entrance requirements will depend on the college, as well. The best thing to do is to contact the admissions departments of colleges that you're interested in and find out what the requirements are. Many GED graduates in the US take community college or junior college courses before moving to a university, which gives them college experience to show the university, allowing them to enter as transfer students. Think about similar options in your area, as well.
hi my name is yusof. i finished my GED this year and now i am planning to study in the UK but i am not sure whether the colleges or universities in the UK accept the GED diploma. can u please let me know if it is accepted.

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yusof khan
The best thing to do is to directly contact the admissions department of the colleges you're interested in and ask about the entrance requirements. Different colleges have different entrance requirements, and you'll need to check out what's required.
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i hv completed my o levels n i dont wanna do the A levels .so i wanna do the GED so after GED which countries may allow me . i mean excpt USA N CANADA does any other countries acpt GED .plz let me know fast
Hi...I would be completing my GED by 6th of April 2017. Can anyone tell if any Norwegian universities accepts GED if there is a overall satisfactory score? It would be really helpful.Thank You. Zeet Ashrabi
hello I am looking to get my GED but plan to move to the UK and would like to know if the GED is ok to have for work over there I would like to know as soon as you can tell me thank you
Hi, I want to move to austria I speak German perfectly and made my GED in US. I want to know if I can use it in austria or have to start from new again
Some jobs require first class degrees from top universities (the equivalent of summa cum magna from the Ivy League), some jobs require nothing more than a positive attitude. GED isn't really recognised in the UK. You can sell it as the equivalent of 5 GCSEs passes at grades A-C, including English and Maths. But you can always shoot higher than your qualification might warrant. If everything else fits, most employers are likely to drop their insistance on particular qualifications anyway.
do the china universities accept GED?
how much university accept GED in sweden.
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