I have a story and a question. Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct place. I've been going through my adult life with a lot of shame for not having graduated. I had severe social anxiety as a child, so my parents ended-up pulling me out of the 2nd grade and said they would homeschool me. Well, as time went on, she kind of lost track of teaching me and at the time - I didn't really want to study either or realize the importance. She was busy with taking care of my younger brother and sister, as was I. Another contributing factor is my mom suffers from Bipolar Disorder and it was very difficult for her to remain focused and on-task with being my teacher.

I don't hold it against her any longer like I used to, I believe it's my fault too for not requesting to be sent back to public school. It's been a tough road, but I've been making it. My spouse doesn't know this secret of mine either. I want to end the lie, achieve more - find a better job and let go of this shame I've been feeling most of my life. 

My question is - Is this program something that can help someone like me with a 3rd grade education? It makes me cringe just writing it. 

Let me know. 
Thank you. 

Hi there, I don't really know really know anything about this program as I never enrolled in it. I came hear looking for answers to questions I had about my GED scores (from 1997!) but then I stumbled upon your story/question and noticed you hadn't received a response yet, so I thought I'd at least respond to your story since I can't really answer your question. 

I'd like to encourage you to feel no shame for your story. I mean you were a second grader when you were pulled out of school by your, probably very well meaning but, unfortunately, bi-polar, mother.  And really, what second grader would want to go back to school if they didn't have to, especially one with severe social anxiety (which was probably, at least to a certain degree, a by-product of having a bi-polar mom). I think your desire to "come clean" with your spouse and return to school in pursuit of a better job demonstrates a tremendous amount of courage! So, feel proud of the adult you that has the wisdom and the guts to want to go for it now that you can!

Furthermore, you are probably way underestimating the value of the life skills you picked up along the way, even as a kid helping to take care of your siblings. My mom grew up poor in post war Korea and had to go to work (when she should have been in 3rd grade) in order to help pay for her brothers to  to attend school. She's "smarter" and more capable (of so many things!) than most people I know, even though (to this day) she struggles to read and write above a third grade level (although she can do so in two different languages, which I think is impressive in it's own right). It appears that you have solid writing skills, so your reading ability is probably pretty good too? If you feel confident that your reading comprehension is in fact good, then that alone will likely result in passing scores in language arts (reading), science and social studies. You might want to study for the math test because you might not know how to deal with algebra, fractions etc..and also essay writing (for the writing portion of language arts) to get a feel for the basic "formula" for writing a good essay. 

If I was you, I would call up an adviser at a community college near you and let them know you'd like to return to school but need to get your G.E.D. first and then ask them if they can point you in the right direction...who to call, where to go, how to prepare for it etc. Community colleges frequently have courses designed to help you pass the G.E.D. You can even ask them about sites like this one...like, are they reputable and worth the price?

I hope this helps you to feel better about your situation because you truly do not have anything to be ashamed of! 

Kind regards,
All I can say, is that I am impressed with your writing skills with a 3rd grade education 
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