I'm so confused. I took a GED exam last month in Language Art Writing and Reading. I failed the essay part and I e-mailed Prometric to ask if I have to take the whole Writing exam again, but then they replied me and said I have already successfully completed both portions of the exams and do not have to retake the exams again because I scored more than 410. I don't understand. Does it mean I really passed? Does anyone ever experienced same case as me?

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What did you get that said you failed? It sounds like either you misinterpreted your score report or that you were sent the wrong score. The only other option is that you were told the wrong thing on the phone...but if they were looking at your records, it seems more likely that what you were sent was incorrect. What other exams have you taken, and what were your scores on them?

If you've passed the other areas, and didn't receive a certificate/diploma, I'd contact Prometric and tell them you need your certificate/diploma. If you haven't yet taken all the tests, I'd call Prometric again and ask for them to send you a score report. That way, you'll have your correct score on paper.

I haven't taken all tests yet. I've taken only Language Atr Reading and Writing. I recieved 500 on Reading and 590 on Writing, but in Writing score they indicated that my essay was off-topic and did not meet the minimum requirement of 250 words. I e-mailed Prometric to make sure that I have to retake the Writing exam or not and the reply I got was 'no' as I said above. Usually, when you fail the essay, you fail the whole Writing exam, right?

The essay test is a part of your score for the whole writing exam. If you fail the essay portion (score of less than 2), you will not get a score for the writing exam at all. In other words, it's impossible to get a 590 on writing if you fail the essay exam. In fact, if you got a 2 (lowest passing score) on the essay, a 590 would mean a nearly perfect score on the multiple choice. The notation about your essay MUST be incorrect.

The ACE FAQ states it this way: "If you received a score on your transcript in the range of 200-800, you would have earned at least a score of 2 (minimum passing score on the 4-point scale) on your essay." If you failed the essay, you would get a double asterisk instead of a score.

Another odd thing about that notation... there is no longer a word count requirement for the essay. The ACE FAQ says: "Your essay score is not based on a word count. So you will not necessarily fail if you have fewer than 200 words. For the 2002 Series GED Tests, the suggested word count was omitted. The word count was intended as a guide, not a requirement. However, we found examinees focusing more on the count than the presentation and development of ideas."

Oh, I understand now! My silly mistake. I must have misinterpreted my transcript. If you fail, you will recieve the asterisks in the score box, not those ones under the test name, right?

Right! It sounds like you're doing great on your way to your GED.
that happened to me too. I'm still confused. I got 570 in my writing test but it says:
*indicates essay was off-topic and did not pass
**indicates essay did not meet minimum requirements.
I got more than 410, iand I'm still in the 200-800 range...
But I'm still confused whether I passed it or not. I don't know if the scoring is different because I took the computer based test outside the US. Can someone help clarify please?

Hi! I know we've had more than one person write in about this, because the score reporting is confusing. I'm confident the notations mean that if, instead of a score, you got an asterisk ONLY, then your essay was off topic. If, instead of a score, you got TWO asterisks ONLY, then your essay did not meet the minimum requirements. Since you got a score of 570, you passed both the essay and the multiple choice exam. You won't get a numeric score on the writing test if you fail the essay.
wooh....what a relief...
Thank you for clarifying this. I thought my hope of getting into college just went down the drain.

Thank you!

today i went to my ged test and i didnt finish rewritting the essay on the test but i did finish it on the scratch paper.  when i was rewritting it on the test the time was over so i didnt finish,But since they dont check the scratch paper , that means i fail the test???

lalari, the graders will only grade you on what's on the final essay pages... that means, you'll get graded on whatever you managed to copy. If you copied enough of your essay, you might possibly get a passing score. If you don't pass the essay, though, your entire writing test gets no grade. It's likely you'll need to retake the writing test. It might be a good idea not to try to write a full draft on scratch paper and then recopy it, and instead, write your full draft on the final essay pages, and then neatly cross out or insert when you read over it.

can anyone tell me the topic you had to write about?
how do i know which parts of the g.e.d test i passed
Hey skateboardkris1,
Your GED Certificate should say which sections you passed on the test and which need to be retaken. If it doesn't specifically say "pass" look for those scores that are above 410. You need at least a score of 410 in each section (reading, writing, math, science and social studies) and at least 450 average. If you didn't pass some of the sections, don't worry, you should be able to retake them after a wait period. Be sure to study up first so you make sure to pass this time. Be sure to check out the GED Academy for a fast and easy program for studying online and if you have any additional questions give one of the GED Specialists a call today at 1-800-460-8150.

~Kit Parker
does anybody ever fail in university?
what if you do, then what happens? Like if you fail in 2 subjects or even 1 out of 4 in a fall term, what happens?
Please reply me. I'm very anxious.
I had this political science essay i worked so hard for. My teacher emailed me saying that I got an F cause the paper was simply cut and paste. Im very scared as to what will happen now?
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