Hi, I am from Texas and I want to know how often GED tests are given and how to see test dates without going ahead and registering to take the GED test. I want to kind of get an idea on some dates but I DON'T want to sign up yet because I don't want to register until I feel I am "ready" so that I'm able to take it as soon as I feel prepared. However I don't want it to be weeks after I eventually do register because I am afraid if I wait too long I'll be less prepared and I'll forget some of the things I've learned.


Hi Susan,

There are a few ways you can find out when the GED test is going to be offered near you. You can search for a test center here, or you can schedule one online at https://ged.com/. The folks at the test center will be able to help you figure out the best time to take the test.

If you need help studying, GED Academy offers an online program!

Robb Vancil
GED Academy
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