I have a question for anyone who has taken the GED math test.   I'm horrible with math (really bad).  I'm just wondering how hard the math test is.  All the other test were insultingly easy.  I'm nervous about the math test though.   I'd appreciate any comments.  Thank you.
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Leonard Williams
The math test on the GED is considered the hardest part, at least in terms of the percentage of people passing. But if you thought the other parts were easy you may not have trouble with it. A good way to find out is to take an Official Practice Test and see exactly how you would do. The Official GED Practice tests are written by the same people who do the actual GED but are half as long. Your score can be easily converted to an actual GED test score so you know how you would do on the real test.
Is it possible to buy only the official math test?
Leonard Williams
The Official GED Practice Tests only come in sets of five for each subject. Sorry. Go to this link to order: http://www.passged.com/practice_tests.php

When I took the math test it was hard and the other part was easy. I do not know why I just can not pass that math test . The test have alot of problems on it that are kind of different from the other problems. And I am willing to get any kind of help from  anybody.

I don't know if this helps but it is real information. I just saw this article today on PassGED, and it's about the Math Test:


1 + 1 = 2 is the extent of my ability!

Hope this helps,

HI I am really having a hard time with the math and a little science so can someone please email me at this address because I really need assistance.please,thank you

Feel free to write with your math questions to: leonard@passged.com
I answer all my emails.

GED Instructor

Again, I recommend the article on the calculator on the math portion that allows you to use one. That tells you which calculator funtions you'll need to know, and the ones that aren't important. (I think there are some other math articles, too.)

Unforunately, the math portion of the GED tests probably requires more basics skills that the logical, sorta come to a conclusion, "reading-between the lines" and deductive reasoning parts of the other tests. My advice is to study those basic math skills. Practice, practice, practice. And the Passged math course is a good way. One thing you'll get is a way to measure your progress as you go. That tells me when I'm ready, and that's cool, b/c the tests cost money in my state and nobody wants to fail.
On the social studies portion, you may be able to rely on your ability to gather context clues from what's presented to score well. But not on the math. A pretest is a good way to see where you are. If you want to pay for them. Personally, I'd forego the pretests and sign up for course, test along the way. It might be a better bargain.

Math -- hmmm, so important, so treacherous. Hope this helps.

Good luck, and please share the success I'm sure you're going to have!

Hi, Leomard Williams I have taken the ged test 3 times and have not been able to pass I took the test last year and got a total score of 420.The laguage art writing was a 400. I got a 430 on the social studies. I got a 440 on the science. Language art reading was a 440 .The math 1st was a 310,390 and a 290 the last time. I work full time as a pharmacy tech. I'm also a mom of two children. I'm hopeing that this program can help me to pass my ged at home on line. I also have the ged book. I have taken class at Wayne Community College in michigan and have not had the right educatuion that i need to pass this test. Class or only for 6 weeks and they don't teach you everthing you nedd in 6 weeks. When you got back you have to start all over again. Could you help me bass on this information that I have givin to you.               shamitra singleton

Well to anyone who wants a feel of what the math test will be like.... here is a web-sight of official practice tests and questions of real problems on the test and the problems are made up by the people who make the test.
Actually, these test questions are not written by the GED test writers, but instead, the staff at Steck-Vaughn. These questions tend to be a little easier than the actual test and do not give you an accurate score on the GED. But they're good practice just the same, but don't put a lot of weight on their accuracy for predicting your success on the GED. To get a better idea of how you'll do on the GED get ahold of the Official GED Practice Tests in booklet form. These are written by the ACE test writers.
Allen Watson,
GED Instructor

The GED exam is a second chance for those who could not make it through the regular high school curriculum.  However, the GED test is not to be compared to the regents.  For example, the GED math section does not cover trigonometry, geometric proofs using the two-column method, precalculus and calculus.  I am not saying that the GED is easy.  I would never make such a statement!!  However, it is a lot HARDER to pass the regents than the GED exam.
Is everyone clear?

I am also having a problem passing the math.. Is there ever going to be a test on line so we don't have to go into a classroom.. I think that is what my problem is trying to take it with other people.... and knowing your being timed...I passed all the other tests I am short 13 points to pass.. I really only need to take the math to get my score up but I am going to take the reading again also....

I doubt there will ever be a home version of the GED tests. The reason being that there would be no way to know who was actually taking the test and if they were getting the answers from a book. If the GED is too easy then it won't mean anything, and then what's the point of getting it.
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