Hi my name is Alasane and i would like to know is it possible to take the GED test in french?

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Hi, Alasane! The GED does have a French-language version, but different states have different requirements. Some states may make you take the writing portion in English. You'll need to check with your local administrator or testing center to find out what's required.

Here's a list of contact information for state administrators and a testing center in your area:

Good luck!
Leonard Williams
The GED Academy
Salut Allassane,
Je peux te confirmer oui, on peut prendre le GED test en francais. Mais il faut contacter ton bureau local d'education. 
Apologies as I do not speak French but I was able to use google translator and I think you are asking "Can I confirm that yes, you can take the GED test in French. But you should contact your local office of education."

That is correct. You can take the GED test in French in certain states but it depends on your testing center. You will want to contact them and see where the test is offered in French then schedule a time to take the test. Here is a link to look up a local testing center:

~Kit Parker
GED Academy
What materials online could I have my French student study to prepare for the reading section of the OPT if it is in French?
Hi Debra, most of the GED prep material in French that I have seen is for the Canadian version of the test. The Canadian GED test is the same as it is in the US, it just uses different examples for the social studies section. So, Canadian prep materials might be your best bet. Let us know if you find something good; I'm sure there are other students here wondering about the same thing.

Kirsten Thomas
GED Academy
Hello.  I have just recently been told that there is not an option to take the GED in French here in Washington state even though their official website says that they do have a French version.  I am confused.  Could it be a matter of taking the GED in a different state?  We live very close to the Canadian border.  Could I take the GED in Canada if they have the option of a French version?

Thank you for any information you might be able to provide!

Hi Venetia,

You would need to be a Canadian resident, or citizen, to take the GED test in Canada. If you are, then that is a possibility. If you're not, you'll need to find a testing center near you that offers the test in French.

First, go to this website:
From there, you'll be able to search for centers in your area. Call around and find a test site that has the French version of the test.

If that fails, call the GED Administrator of WA. That number is: (360) 704-4330. Ask them where, or how, to take the test in French.

I hope that helps.

Robb Vancil
GED Academy


I was wondering if there is a version of a GED in English in Belgium?
In French, it's called "jury central" but I don't want to take it in French. They also have it in Dutch and German, but I don't want to take neither of those three languages. I just want to take it in English. But I can't find it anywhere. I've researched it in English many times online, but can't find any. It'll be too difficult for me to do it French, Dutch, and German. Please does anyone know anything about this? It'll be such a big help if you do!!!

Thanks a lot!!!!
Hi Anna,

You can call the testing center in Brussels and find out in which languages they are offering the test. Their number is: 32 (0)2 737 67 21

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Robb Vancil
GED Academy

Thank you so much for the information Robb! And I can take it if I'm a Belgian citizen?

Yes, you will be able to take the test, and study with us, as a citizen of Belgium.

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Robb Vancil
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Hi my name is Sophie , I'm american citizen . I send you this message because I'm looking for a place where we can take the GED in French at New York or somewhere in United state. I ask that information for my husband who just came from Africa , he speaks French so want to take the ged in French and later and after get his ged will go to college here and continuous his career by learning English from school. Please help us for that. We project to go to Canada to see if he can take the over there and come back here with the Ged. Thank you we hope to here about you very soon.
Hi Sophie,

The state of New York offers the TASC test rather than the GED for high school equivalency. To look for testing centers in your area, create an account on their website:

For information about the GED test in Canada and in French, please refer to the GED testing service's official website page about the French version of the test:

Hopefully this information will help you get started! Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Rosiee Thormahlen, Adviser

GED Academy

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Hi, I am Astride and I live in Denver-Colorado. I would like to know any place, school, that allows to do the GED in the french version. I've wasted the whole by by searching any information about it but I still haven't found anything. I would be so grateful if you guys can help me to find those testing center. Thanks in advance
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