I have a question about getting my GED results. Its been about 3 weeks since I've taken my GED test (2 weeks, and 5 days to be exact) And the GED hotline is saying they have no record of my social security number.

Is there any possible way I can find out if I passed or not? or do I have to wait until I get my results in the mail? I took my test December 1st and 2nd in Ulster county, New York. My rush is that I want to get into community college, and it starts January 18th.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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You'll probably have to be patient about your GED scores... you should continue to check the hotline to see if your scores are ready, because you should be registered on the hotline while your scores are in the mail (i.e., before you actually receive the letter). In New York, GED scoring can take up to 4-6 weeks, though sometimes it can take only 2-3 weeks, depending on how many exams are being scored and whether there are any problems with your test (like stray pencil marks). In all likelihood, the delay is that they are busy with lots of tests.

Hopefully you'll get your scores any day!

Justin Garcia
Thaks Leonard!!

I took another practice test after I took the real test(Just to give me an idea how I did). My mom thought I was crazy that I did that
And this is how I scored (I don't know how to change them into real ged scores)

WRITING 38/50 -76%
SOCIAL 33/50 -66%
SCIENCE 35/50 -70%
MATH 32/50 -64%
READING 27/40 -67%

I guess I'll just have to be patient about getting my results.

wat is the GED hotline number if n e 1 knows.........to check my GED scores
The GED hotline we're talking about is only for the state of New York. The number is (518) 474-5906.
Justin Garcia
update: I've been waiting for 6 weeks for my test results, and the ged hotline still has no record of me, and I still haven't got anything in the mail. 6 weeks is LONG ENOUGH. Now I'm going to start calling them and asking what the hold up is.

Justin Garcia
so today, I was just about to call them today, and was going to speak to someone that works there. However, I wanted to check the hotline one more time, and I was FINALLY in the system. I PASSED!

i took the ged in nyc the year of 2008. i moved down to ga and went to job corp in which i never recieved them back!!! how do i go about recieving me ged scores again from nyc


You can get your New York GED from the New York State Education Department. All the information, and a link to the .pdf form, is here:


Basically, fill out the form and mail it in with a fee (check or money order) of $4 for a transcript or $10 for a transcript and diploma. It takes about a month to process.

Good luck!

I took my Ged test in June its now august an I still have not recieved my test scores as if yet . I call the hotline an the automated messages are no help any one has a number to call for these situations ?
does anyone know what it means when you go to the new york Ged status report webpage and it has a test date, a document type: diploma, and an issue date? thats all it says when I look up my scores. I am assuming it means they issued a diploma?
Hey Maine,
I typically advise contacting your GED Test Center (where you took the test) directly. If they are unable to get your scores to you, try this link: http://www.gedtestingservice.com/testers/gedrequest-a-transcript.
How frustrating because I know you want to find out what your scores are...Hope to hear that you passed!

~Kit Parker
GED Academy
Hey Barb,
That sounds promising!! Unfortunately, I just don't know much about the NY GED online system. Was there a number you could contact to ask them questions directly? If so, try that as they are the experts on their GED system. Congrats on hopefully passing your test!

hello, i have a big problem i failed the writing section 2 times and waited 2 weeks to go back and re take it for my last time well when i took the test i got a 490 but heres the catch they gave the same test from the tast time i fail and even though i passed it was voided can you please help me out and find out what to do

 thanks, hector
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