I recently found out that i passed my GED exam
i am a bit anxious and dont feel like waiting for my diploma to view my test scores
is there a way for me to view them online?

Congratulations! That's fantastic.

As far as viewing your scores online, it depends on what state you took the GED in. Some states, like West Virginia, have a system that allows you to look at your scores online (http://wvde.state.wv.us/ged/ged_scores_transcripts.html). Other states don't.

You can try looking up your GED administrator website on this page: http://www.passged.com/test_state.php (scroll down to "GED Administrators by State." Or, just let me know what state you're in, and I'll try to find specifically if they have an online system. It's really something every state should have, but these things are sometimes slow to get done!


Hi, I live in Baltimore, MD. Could you please let me know if they have one??

Hi! Maryland has a GED website at http://www.gogedgo.org/index.html and a GED study program at http://www.mdged-i.org/, but they don't have a way to view your scores online, as far as I know.
Is there anyway I can check my result online ? I only receive 4 results and the last one is science & I haven't receive it yet. I took the ged test since last year September. Is there a way to find out my last result if I took my test in Thailand ?
Hi Adela, you definitely should have received your results by now. Earlier this year, the company that handles international GED testing has changed. So, now you'll want to contact Pearson Vue about your records. You should be able to start here: International GED Records  I really hope this helps. :)

Kirsten Thomas
GED Academy
I took my test in Florida. I have been trying to view my scores online and have also ordered a transcript but I need to register for a college course this summer and I can't without my scores so it might be too late.
I took my GED in 1990 in New York City. Is there anyway I can get my test results online and view them on the computer?
I  did  my  ged  task on 16 and  17 juin  2017 and  i  steal  don't receive  my  result. 

I passed my test in July
 2001 in new york city is there any way to view my results online?
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