I started writing my GED exams yesterday and received my first score. It says Standard Score 660 and Percentile Mark 95. I have more exams this week and I guess all the scores will look like this. The thing is - I have no idea what this means. Sure, it means I have passed but what exactly does this score mean in terms of percentages ie Is it a B or C or whatever/is it a good score or a 'bad' score. 

Any advice would be appreciated.
Hi Vanessa!

It looks like you are taking the GED test in a country other than the United States. Your scores reflect the scoring in the 2002 version of the GED test. The GED test was revised in 2014 and the scoring changed significantly. Back to your question...

Wow! This is a terrific score! According to data from the following document, you scored in the top 3%. ( I would call that an "A!") Well done!

Here is the link to the document I referred to from GED Testing Service.

I wish you the best on the rest of your tests!
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