I was wondering which was the best GED study guide books?

McGraw Hill or Steck Vaughn?

Do you guys have any recommendations?

Any help would be great, thanks.

Steck-Vaughn and McGraw-Hill both have solid GED study guides, and it's tough to really rank them. Personally, I think the writing is better handled in Steck-Vaughn, while McGraw-Hill's math might have an advantage. If you're going the study guide route, I'd actually recommend investing in more than one. The cost isn't high, and you'll get a couple of perspectives plus extra practice questions and tests (which is one thing that really helps).
They are both very good its just the matter of the time you are willing to put in for studying.
David Aronson
The very best GED Information Center is http://www.gedinformationcenter.com/ -- Also see --  http://www.gedvideo.com/ -- Good luck with your GED goals.                                                        
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