I'm living in Denmark, and want to take a GED test to qualify for an american college. 

I have noticed that a new test was introduced in 2014, but it seems that this test is currently only available in North America.

Is there any way i can take the 2014 test as an international student? 


Thanks in advance, 
Jon Prehn

Hi Jon,

The 2014 GED test is only being offered in the US for now; in Denmark, you’ll take the 2002 version of the test. But don’t worry--American colleges and universities will still accept that test’s certificate. In fact, over 95% of all schools accept the GED certificate in their application process, so it’s a great way to prove you are ready to study at that level.

If you need any help studying. GED Academy offers an online preparation program.

Robb Vancil

GED Academy

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