I'm curious to know what my scores mean.

English 52
Soc Studies 56
Science 54
Literature 60
Math 58

Total 280

I know a min of 40-45 is passing, but was kind of hoping for a more specific analysis.
Hi Kim,

GED Testing Service actually has a score breakdown on their website, so you can interpret your scores. Here is a link to that page:


I hope that helps!


Maybe I wasn't clear in my previous post. I took my ged at 16 in 1999. I can't find anything that tells me any more than a min of 40/45 to pass. I was hoping to get a rubric of sorts, or at least total possible points per section.
Hi Kim,

We are just an online study program for the GED® test, so unfortunately, I don't have a lot of information on the scoring rubric for previous years. I would recommend you get in touch with someone at GED Testing Service because they should have that information on file somewhere. Here is a link where you can contact them online: 


You may also want to try contacting the test administrator of the state you took your test in. At the very least, they should be able to direct you to the right place to get that information. Here is a link where you can locate your state test administrator:

Thank you!
Hello I was wondering if you ever received a answer to this question? I am in the same predicament I to took the test at 16 in 1999 and my scores were as follows:

Science- 53
Language Arts, Writing-50
Language Arts, Reading-60
Social Studies-52
Mathematics- 52

Score Total-267
Battery Average-53
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