I took the GED test in 1995. I have been trying to find out about my scores and percentiles. 
I have a score of 319 over all, with the lowest score being 61, and the highest being 68. 
I understand its hard to calculate a GPA from these scores. But I would like to know how good this score was for the time frame. 
I would also like to know about the US rank. I ranked 83 on the lowest, and 96 on the highest. I'm not sure if I'm understanding the way it works. By what I've read, on the 96, only 4% of the high school students across the country scored higher? 
I got kicked out of high school in the 10th grade, for saying f%&$ to myself, one time in the hall, because I had forgot a book for class. I mean kicked out at the end of the year, just a few weeks left. I was given no credit for the second semester, at all. I never understood that punishment.
I've never taken an IQ test, although I did take the ASVAB test for the Navy, and supposedly scored high, although I'm not sure how high it was, or if the recruiter was blowing smoke. I did however get in at age 17, without a GED or diploma.
I've never thought about it until now, but have been wondering if getting kicked out of school was a good thing or bad. 

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