I have seen some comments on the older test but I just wanted to understand what the difference is between the Raw Score and Standard Score is. I listed my testing information below and would like to understand what these scores would indicate.

                                 Raw              Standard
           Test               Score               Score
  1. Writing Skills          47                       
  2. Essay                    7                     57
  3. Social Studies        47                    57
  4. Science                56                    63
  5. Literature/Arts       34                    53
  6. Mathematics          40                    53
                                               Total score:     283
     Form AD                               Average score: 56.6

Hi Anna,

From what I understand, the raw score is the number of correctly answered questions for that particular subject. So for your math test, you answered 40 questions correct. The standard score converts your raw score to compare it against the national average. This national average has changed several times since 1990, but here is a PDF that explains the history of the GED® test passing standards: 


Here is another link which explains a little more about how the
GED® test is scored:


Lastly, here's one more link that explains more in depth the process for calculating raw vs. standard scores, if you're interested:


Hopefully, that sheds a little more light on your question!

Thank you very much for that information. Can you tell me how many questions were in each section of the test in 1990? I think that will help me understand better how well I did. If this information is available somewhere just let me know. I have searched with google but it is hard to differentiate between all the different tests, not knowing if that aspect has changed. 

After so many years of having my GED, I am finally pursuing a degree and when the state couldn't find my scores, it caused me to search for my copy. I had the information with it for years about how to understand your score but it wasn't with my scores. I may have been thrown away at some point. Anyway, I sincerely appreciate your help!

Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the 1990 test, specifically. One thing you can do, though, is contact your state test administrator. They might have access to that information, or at least, be able to point you in the right direction. Here is a link that lists all of the test administrators for the different states:


Sorry I can't be of more help!

Best of luck to you.
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