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Whoopse! Sorry for double post!

           I forgot to write this earlier. I also can't really believe my score was that high. Really? Seriously? I always thought my score was soooooooooooo low! All this time I thought that I had just -barely- passed. lol Wish there was somewhere I could actually look at a chart of pre-2002 GED test score averages. That would be neat to see

Can someone help me understand my GED test scores? Please.

Took the test in 93.

writing skills test............. standard score=50....percentile rank=50
social studies test...........standard score=49.....percentile rank=47
science test................... standard score-47...percentile rank=40
interpreting leterature and the arts....standard score=44...percentile=27
mathematics test..........standard score=45.....percentile rank=33

standard score average..........47

Can someone interpret these?
Kit Parker
Hey Ronni,
The GED test changed in 2002. Since you took your GED exam in 1993 you took a version with a score range from 20-80 rather than the current version which is scored from 200-800. Each new test series reflects different content and standards so this is by no means 100% accurate but if you want to generally compare your scores to the "after 2002" series of the GED test you can add 0 (zero) to each of your scores.
Writing 500
SS 490
Sci 470
LA 440
Math 450
Again, this does not give an exact comparison for your scores compared to current GED testing scale, this is just a ballpark estimate. Hope this helps!

anonymous rex
I took the GED in 1997 and scored a 365. I just found my test results and this site out of curiosity.
i took the ged test in 1997 and scored a 223 jus short of passin didnt go back and ake it and i see they changed the test scores so my ? is are my old test score gone or can they be use toward the new test i want to take
Kit Parker
Hey Melinda,
The GED Test changed in 2002. The scoring method changed along with the test. If you didn't pass the old test, your old scores cannot be put towards the new test. BUT you can use the knowledge you had from the last GED exam towards taking the newer GED test. Just a bit of info for you: the GED Test is changing again in 2014. It will be a computer based test with more difficult questions so you will want to thoroughly prepare to pass the test this time. If you are interested in more preparation information check out the GED Academy Online Prep Program which makes studying fast and easy, you can get prepared from home or anywhere you have internet! Don't hesitate to call a GED Specialist today at 800-460-8150 we can answer your questions and get you pointed in the right direction.

GED Academy

I don't know why they made this so difficult. I have a total score of 268 and an average score of 53.6. After I took the test in 94 the tester said my score was high.
writing - 52
social - 59
science - 53
literature - 52
math - 52

The new scores have me confused and this forum helps a little but not sure what to make of it. I guess I passed so I should leave it alone.
Kit Parker
Hey Nae,
The tester from '94 was correct, those are great scores! Kudos to you for passing your GED test with such high marks. I know comparing old scores to the new scores can be a bit confusing, I'm glad this forum could help. If you are applying to college with your scores just be sure to note that you took the GED exam in 94 so they know your scores are out of 80 not 800

GED Academy

Hi All,

I just got my GED Test scores from 1983!!!  I know, I'm old.  The kids are grown and now it's my turn...I've been reading about the test scores and cover ting to 1996 guidelines, how about before that?  My scores were 83, 93, 87, 96, and 79 for a total of 438.  I'm really nervous that the admissions office won't be able to find any material that will tell them how to convert these scores to today's standards and I'm also not sure how I did.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kit Parker
Hey Jacqui,
I really wish I could give you more helpful information but sadly there isn't much information available online for GED Test scores prior to the 2002 test.

My suggestion would be to contact your state department of education to see if they can offer some assistance. I would also hope that the admissions office will have records on comparing these scores to current terms to consider your application.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful Jacqui. Good luck to you as you continue your education!


i took the ged test one time before back in 2010 and made a 1880.then i took the test again on januray 26 and 27,2012. what are the chances of me passing the test?

Trevor Forbess
Hey Adrainne,

It's hard to say what the chances are, but the more you study and prepare yourself before you take the test, the better your chances will be of passing.  I recommend to continue working hard with your studies.  Good Luck!
I took my GED in 1998 so the old scoring system was used. I quit school in 10th grade to raise my baby but did not study at all and took my GED test 2 years after quitting school. I feel kind of dumb here bc even though I passed, my scores are lower than anyone's posted here. My score was 234 and I was wondering how bad that is such as percentile
and gpa if anyone could please help me figure it out. I know its not great and probably really low. thanks
Kit Parker
Hey Renee,
You should be giving yourself a pat on the back for passing the GED test in 1998!! You have your GED Diploma and that is the important part. The GED scores dont directly translate into GPAs and I don't know the percentiles but I really think you should look at yourself in a more positive light You passed the GED test after leaving school in 10th grade. That is something to feel accomplished about!!!

GED Academy
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