Hi everyone,

I have an international student who is a friend and is trying to get permission to take her GED. She moved to the US to attend college (she didn't need to finish high school to attend college) and now 2 years later she needs her GED to continue her education.

She needs a waiver signed by a district school employee in order to be able to take the test, but she has been rejected by this person on the grounds that she is not a US citizen. I have done research and I don't think this is correct.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? And if she is eligible, would you be able to highlight the steps necessary for her to be able to take it? She has been attending college for 2 years and has a 4.0 GPA, so there is absolutely no reason she should not be allowed to take it and move on with her life.

Leonard Williams
Hi... There's no requirement for U.S. citizenship to take the GED in general. The problem is that each state has its own requirements. The GED diploma is granted by the state department of education, so they set their own standards. You might want to contact your state department of education to find out about an exception, or perhaps to find out that she's eligible in any case. Most states have state-specific GED websites.

If your friend goes back home during the summers or when not in school, there are international GED tests offered through a testing firm called Prometric in 50 countries, so that might be another option.

There's information on the following page about contacts in all U.S. states and also a link to international test center locations:

Good luck! Your friend sure doesn't deserve to be held back just because of not being able to take the GED. Thanks for being such a good friend and looking into this.

Leonard William
hezron kungu
am kenyan seeking GED study
Hello Hezron,

I'm glad to hear you are wanting to study for your GED® test! GED Academy can help you get ready with lots of online video instruction and personalized lesson plans.

You can get more information about international testing at this website.

Robb Vancil
GED Academy
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