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through the years Ihave lost it . Can U help me obtain a copy .
thanks in advance

You should be able to get a copy of your GED from the New York State GED Testing Office. The information is here:

The cost is $4 for a transcript and $10 for a transcript and diploma. Just print out the request form on the website as a pdf:

Fill it out and mail it with a check or money order for the fee made out to the New York State Education Department to:

                GED Testing Office
                P.O. Box 7348
                Albany, New York 12224-034

Best wishes!


hello leonard, i have the same problem with my transcripts and a copy of my ged taken while on active duty in 1981 at fort jackson, south carolina, I have to tell you I have been trying with no success. I served from 81 to 87 total of 6 yrs with 3 active and the last three inactive. I am beginning to think that I should just enroll and take the test over, i am giving up hope maybe you can help me.

Hi, how can i get a copy of my ged .i received it at fort jackson ,south carolina between 1978 and 79 while i was in basic training for the army.
Hi, James! Fort Jackson personnel tested after March of 1975 should be able to get copies of their GED using the ACE online request form. You can find it here:

There are directions at the top of the page, and there is a $14 fee per transcript, payable by money order or credit card.


Ronald... you also should be able to get a copy of your GED directly from the ACE (American Council of Education) with their online request form:

Under "Status at the time you took the GED," there is an option that says "U.S. Ft. Jackson Personnel," and I believe that is the correct option to choose, though you were also active duty U.S. military.

If you have any question about the form, or if this is something you've tried in the past without success, try calling the ACE at 202-939-9791 to get more information.

I lost my copy of GED paperwork while I was in the ARMY at ft stewart ga
in 1974 I know it has been a long time,I never knew I lost it until I had to
show it for a new job i was getting -, can anyone help me PLEASE

Thanks Terry

1974 just happens to be the year when there's a records switch, so hopefully that doesn't cause you problems in finding your GED! If you took your GED after September 1 of 1974, then you should be able to get a copy from the state of Georgia. You can find a transcript/diploma request form here:

The GED Administrator's office can help if you have any questions. The contact information is:

Kimberly Lee
GED Administrator
Technical College System of Georgia
1800 Century Place NE, Suite 300B
Atlanta, GA 30345-4304
(404) 679-4959

If you took your GED earlier in the year, you'll need to get your transcript from Prometric.

      Attn: USAFI/GED Program
      1260 Energy Lane
      St. Paul, MN 55108
      Phone: (651) 603-3012
      Fax: (651) 603-3008

The transcript request information is here:

If you're not sure what month you took the GED, or if you tested between July and September, you may want to check with both Georgia and Prometric.


I received my diploma in the los angeles county jail in 2003 but they never sent it to my moms house. How do I get a copy of it?
Can u please help me? I really need it
Thank you

In California, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) - GED Records Center handles requests for duplicate GED records. You can contact them at:

Toll-free: 866-370-4740

ETS - GED Records Center
P. O. Box 4005
Concord, CA 94524-4005


I took my GED at Essex County College in 1982.  My Diploma was destroyed and I would like to receive another copy if possible.  At this time, I am seeking my GED test scores.  I am applying to college.  Can you please help me?


You should be able to get a copy of your GED scores (a transcript) from the New Jersey Department of Education. Instructions and a request form can be found here:

Best of luck!


Hello, I need some help locating a copy of my GED.  I am going back to school and they have requested a copy of it.  The problem is, I don't remember where I took the test at!  I believe it was in 1995.  In either Cook county or DuPage county in Illinois. 

Does anyone have any info on where to start looking?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, Jen! Unfortunately, Illinois doesn't have centralized GED records. Each Regional Office of Eduction has its own GED records... That means you'll have to start in two places. The Cook County GED program has its own website:

Their contact information is:
Cook County GED Testing Program
(Cook County)
1007 Church Street, Suite 520
Evanston, IL  60201
Phone: 847-328-9795
Fax: 847-328-9706

DuPage County has a GED page on its education website:

Their contact information is:
421 County Farm Road
Wheaton, Illinois 60187
Phone: 630-407-5800
Fax: 630-407-5801

You can try contacting the two counties and trying to find out which one you took your GED in. In the worst case, you may need to fill out transcript request forms for each county (available on their websites) and have them search for your records.

Good luck!


Hi, I received My G.E.D. while stationed aboard the USS Midway in 1974(I forgot what month). We Were homeported in Yokosuka Japan. I can't seem to find my certificate and need to get another copy. I would appreciate it if you could help. Thanks, Ira

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