Would like a study buddy,someone I can talk to about work,and maybe get and give help to!!!!
Cathi Von
Hi Ciara!

You are right that a study buddy can make all the difference! Fellow GED Test students: reply to this thread and get connected!

Best of luck!
Dave Elliott
I would love to have a study buddy. I think it would be very productive and helpful to get to understanding things that I don't understand so well and vise versa.

If someone is looking still, I'm up for it.

Let me know

Would like a study buddy,someone I can talk to about work????
Cathi Von
Hi Lin,

Yes, a study buddy is very helpful in getting ready for your GED test!

If someone is interested in becoming a study buddy, reply to this forum post and we will get you connected!

Zoe Knott
I would like a study bubbies
 I will not mind havin a study buddy beause am in pre gedthe i go to ged soon.
Having a study buddy is a good idea, I'm already halfway through the year and have no motivation to study. X_X
Hi my name is Kenneth

I'm looking for a study buddy in Montgomery AL someone who is good a math I'm great at essays and science and the reading already passed all that just need help with my math if you are interested email me and I will contact you back
ged academy is really cool must say and agree having a study buddy makes it a bit more fun
Michael christner
hello all i'm looking for a study buddy there some things i don't really get an there are some thing that i'm really good so if you want to be my study buddy hmu at 601-781-1648[comp][thumb]
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