Hello. I took the GED test in January of 2010 and passed with an overall score of 3250. I had been out of high school for 6 years and I hadn't taken a science class since 2002. I didn't do a practice test or any kind of review. I seem to have done well on all of the tests except for the science portion. Although I've already received my GED, is it possible to retake the science test to improve my overall score? It's something that I want to do for myself because the science score sticks out and I seem to focus on it every time I look at the diploma. 

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Kit Parker
Hey Kelli,
First, let me say that those scores are AWESOME! You did well on all of the sections, so please don't feel like you didn't. As I am sure you noticed, the Science section of the GED test is primarily reading comprehension and interpretation, you don't need a strong Science background to pass the GED Science section.

Regarding retaking the test to improve your overall score... some states will allow students to retake the GED parts if a score is not deemed sufficient but usually you need documentation suggesting your score is not deemed adequate. This documentation often comes from an employer or college admissions department. Typically passing the GED is the requirement but if you do require a higher score for college admission or a job your state may allow you to retake a portion.

In all honesty, I think your scores look great. You should be very proud of them. If you are applying to a 4 year college and are having trouble getting accepted your state GED may allow retaking after passing but it is up to the department of education in your area.

Congrats on a wonderful job, hope this info helps.


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