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Here's a link where GED students can put their stories about the GED. Check it out and add your story. It will inspire others to be successful.


Wow! Everyone's messages were great!

I can relate to Aaron. I am 16 and going for my GED. I dropped out of school at the beginning of 8th grade. I recently moved to Costa Rica and became inspired by a University here so I have been debating how I have wanted to get my diploma/GED within 9 months (when school starts). I have chosen to go for my GED and it looks a lot simpler than I thought it would be- I know it will still be a big challenge and take a strong commitment- but I am looking forward to the challenge ahead of me. THE BIGGEST challenge, though, is that I am not just having to remember the math I know and learn some new stuff but I have to learn a whole new language too. Spanish/Español - Hoooie! Yo puedo (I can)! It will be a challenge - a fun challenge - and I can do it!

If any of you out there want to become my study-buddy please feel free to send me an email (by clicking on my name to the left of this message)



The GED exam is a second chance for those who could not make it through the regular high school curriculum.  However, the GED test is not to be compared to the regents.  For example, the GED math section does not cover trigonometry, geometric proofs using the two-column method, precalculus and calculus.  I am not saying that the GED is easy.  I would never make such a statement!!  However, it is a lot HARDER to pass the regents than the GED exam.
Is everyone clear?

Hello!! My name is Marcelo, I am 20 years old from Costa Rica.

I am studying here (Costa Rica) to present the GED in USA, this becauce there isnt a Testing Center for the GED in here.

I am really confused because i dont know where to take my GED tests in USA. I read that you have to be Resident in some states in order to be able to take the tests?

Can you please help me telling me the best place where I can go and do the Tests. Also the best Study Guides and Prep books I can buy??.

First I was going to take the GED Tests in Spanish, but Costa Rica wont accept the Diploma only English (I still dont know why, but its STUPID HEHE)

Hope you can help me out


Marcelo Suñol Marten
San Jose Costa Rica
Leonard Williams
Hi Marcelo! I don't know what states might require you to be a resident to take the test there...

It seems like you'll need to contact the GED administrator in the states you're interested in. You can find a list of all the state GED administrators here, along with phone numbers and addresses (scroll down to "GED Administrators by State":


For study books, you can go to our GED bookstore, that has GED study books along with reviews and ratings of each one:


Good luck!
Thanks a lot Leonard!!!

John Doe

I would like to make a few comments about the GED.

The GED diploma is signed by the state board of regents. It is written by PHD
recepients. The diploma is not worthless. It covers all the areas of a High School graduation. Lucky for me they were the only courses i needed to finish my High school education. I had left school in the 12th grade,due to illness. Not to get sidetract. I will make my point. Do not drop out of High School,if you are of age to complete the diploma program. You will find the GED a lot harder than you think.
Moises Kline
some good inspiring stories there.
James Leconte
I took my GED after I failed out of high school right after my 10th grade year. I have a B.S in nursing and have been a critical care R.N for 6 years and will be an M.D class of 2017. Anyone can do it, you just have to believe it and know it is not impossible

Congratulations on all your success! And good luck with your studies to become a doctor.

You are absolutely right, everyone can pass the GED® test--it may take perseverance and hours spent studying, but it is always possible. And earning the GED certificate opens lots of doors--including better jobs and entrance into college courses.

Robb Vancil
GED Academy
Katherine Quiros

I have lived in Costa Rica since '09.  I had to drop out of high school only 5 months away from graduating due to my dad being diagnosed with terminal cancer and i had to travel back to CR in less than 3 weeks, because my dad wanted to take chemo treatment here.. 

I tried doing the final exams here "bachillerato" but i studied in USA my entire life since my first grade to senior year so i have to say school here is a whole other story and i did not pass the exams.

I am in desperate need to start school again, i want big things in life and i can only achieve that by studying. 

Can someone please help me finding out where i can do my GED online from here. i really want to get my diploma so i can start with college already, i would appreciate all the help i can get, unfortunately I am not a US resident so i don't know how much that is going to affect me with being able to do my GED online. 

Cathi Von
Hi Katherine,

I am so sorry about your dad's cancer. That is great that you are working on obtaining your GED certificate. Yes, it will open many doors for you. Sounds like you are motivated and willing to study! Those are two very important aspects in successfully preparing for the GED test.

Our program, GED Academy, is an online study program. You can study at home at any time. Our program is individualized and self paced. Our lessons are a combination of videos, reading and exercises. You will take practice tests to evaluate your readiness. We also offer tutoring, included in the enrollment fee.

The GED test must be taken in person at an official testing center. Here is the contact information for a GED Test center in Costa Rica:

New Horizons Computer Learning Center
200 mts sur de la Libreria Universal
Sabana Sur
San Jose
Costa Rica
Phone: 506-2231-1101

Best of luck to you!
Can I use my GED in Costa Rica if I did it in Spanish
Richard Machado
Hello my name is Richard Machado and I am 45 years old I took my GED and passed a long time ago back in the late 1980's and I am having a hell of a time trying to get a copy of it to use for acquiring ID and getting a job. I took it at a test center in West Caldwell in 1989, the websites tell me they will not give me a new copy if I had lost the original and I don't know what to do. If anyone can pass on some good advice I appreciate it.
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