I stopped going to school in the 6th grd, my parents both got incarcerated for 30+ years and my sisters and I were left with living with my unemployed grandmother. My sisters couldn't handle the drastic changes like utilities being constantly cut off and going from eating all day to 1 meal a day mostly rice. I began working at 12 as a mechanic shop helper . Working all night affected my grades but it was putting food in the table. After failing the 6th grade twice, they sent me to an alternative school full of extremely troubled kids. That school was the gateway to failure, it would ruin my way of thinking and eventually lead me to drop out of school after failing the 3rd time. Everyday was a fight or flight type of day. I was stabbed and beat with bats besides the many fights in that 1 school year (school is now out of business). It took me many years to wake up and smell the coffee, it was bound to happen with all those years with no guidance. 
Pain was my only guidance. Besides personal pain, there was also pain of not knowing how to read,write,speak correctly, barely multiply, use a computer, etc...; 
I tried getting my ged back when I was 20, failed dramatically. I let it go for a while and used that anger and pain to learn how to read, then loved it so much that I learned how to write, then type and I've been educating myself ever since I learned how to learn. 
I got a great job working overseas and make a decent salary, but this isn't my dream.
I applied for my dream career and I couldn't believe that they called me. I did a string of test that took over a year, was given a start date and all. But the past has ways of catching up to you.
The dept of edu flagged me and asked for education history, once they learned that I didn't meet the minimum, they denied my application. 
I now (27yrs old) am studying for the new ged test and it has been very difficult for me considering I missed out on so much.  I took each test once, failed it the first time and passed it on the second time. Math is the only one I have left, it is very challenging because I am educating myself with a full time job and I'm a new father. 
I will get my ged, I don't know how long it will take but I am willing to go through anything to get it done. 

All though I haven't received my diploma yet, I wanted to share my story to anyone who needs light, because I wish someone would have done that to me while going through the motion. 

You really do get what you put in. Don't ever let your past determine your future. 
I'm still looking up.

*Update coming soon.*

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