i dont understand the scoring could someone put it in the a b c ranking so i can understand what i got.

Hi, Maureen... the GED scoring can be tough to understand. Here's a breakdown...

Each of the tests is scored from 200 to 800. The scoring is based on how well a test group of graduating high school seniors did on the test, so it's more like grading on a curve.

A passing score is 410, but you need an overall score of 2250 (an average of 450) to pass the GED.

Any score over 600 is a really good score, maybe scholarship level. That's about equivalent to the scores of the top 15% of high school seniors.

Hope this helps!
I took my Pre-GED test this morning. Honestly, I'm so confused about how well I did on the math section.

 My instructor checked my answers and let me see them, however, I only remember seeing the y/y scores. Can you help me figure out if I passed? 

Here's the break down:

Reading- 20/20 
Science- 23/25
Social Studies- 21/25
Math- 17/25

Now, my problem is this; 17/15 is 8 answers wrong. Only 68%. 
Shouldn't that be a failure?
And if so, why didn't my instructor say anything? He said my scores look great and even went as far to mention the possibility of a two year scholarship.

Please reply soon.
Hi Sammy, you do have excellent scores there. I don't think you need to worry about passing the test. Obviously math is not your best subject (and it isn't for most people!) so you're definitely on track. If I were you, I'd study math a bit and then go in for your test. If you only get an average score in one subject, but do excellent in all the others, I wouldn't be surprised if you're still eligible for many scholarships.

Kirsten Thomas
GED Academy
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