Hi there, I re-tested in language arts -writing and scored 20 points lower than the first time. Which score will be recognized when my transcript scores are merged with the other 4 subjects, the higher or lower score?

Kit Parker
Hey Angel,
The GED Transcript will show your passing GED scores, if you didn't pass the first time (hence the need for retaking the test) then you wouldn't have a passing score for the retake since it was 20 points lower. I would definitely advise studying before you take the test again. Most states will only let you take the exam 3 times per year and there is often a wait period. During this waiting time I would advise you brush up in the skill areas tested on the GED Exam. Check out the GED Academy Complete Online Program where you can study from home, online, at your own pace.
~Kit Parker
I took the fed in 1982 or 83 I missed the math part of the test! Do I have to retake the entire test because of the time?
Hi Dawn,

You will need to retake the whole test. There had been at least 2 updates to the exams since you last tested in the 80s.

GED Academy adviser
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