First off I would like to commend Sherman for the service he is doing.  I know I speak for many when I say thank you for answering everyones questions free of charge on this message board.  The time leading up to the testing can be very strenuous and I appreciate what you do to ease everyones minds.  For that I am greatful!
  With that being said...  I have gone through so many study books regarding the GED.  Some are very easy while others are very difficult.  I was wondering in addition to the practice tests on this site, what books do you reccomend that give an accurate range of difficulty regarding the GED?  Are there any websites that offer free math/science tests?
  Also, I know in order to pass the test you must pass all of the seperate sections and have an overall score of 2250. My question is if you pass all but 1 or 2 sections but those 2 sections brought the overall grade below 2250 do you have to retake all of the sections even though you passed the majority of them? Or can you just retake the sections you failed?  My state is NY in case that changes the answer.  I hope I didn't confuse you
 My test is on Nov 6 so I plan to buckle down this week and study math/science since those are my difficulty areas.
                                                       THANK YOU!!
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