Does anyone feel as if that red bar never moves??
Hi Carmen,

Your progress bar is a visual representation designed to motivate you to keep completing lessons in your learning plan. To find out how many lessons you have, which ones you have already completed and how many more you have yet to start, please click "Let me Choose My own Assignment" under Test Prep Resources.

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Flora T.
I started to study the GED test at the beginning of the year. I did well on my GED Ready test on Social Studies. I scored 160. I completed all the practice test.  But I failed all three time on the GED test
.(score 146,149 and 140) The test is really hard for me. This is my first subject and I have a long way to go to pass all four subject.

I did buy the GED text books to study and it  did not help me to improve my score. The extended response writing is my weakness and I could not able to understand or how to write.     
Hi Flora,

Your extended response score counts towards your overall exam score. I highly recommend you to brush up on your writing before attempting the GED Social Studies test.


Laura Shi, Adviser

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