Michael Ormsby
Here's a good way to think about the GED.
        The seven-hour GED test series is grueling. For people who are accustomed to working on their feet and moving around all day, just sitting in one place for seven hours can be a challenge. You will need to prepare yourself for sitting and using your brain for such a long period. Here are some things you can do to help yourself get ready for the test.

        First, train your body and mind for this kind of activity. DonÕt just show up at the test thinking the adrenalin will get you through it. You will find yourself fatigued at that end of the morning and not able to give your best effort in the afternoon session. Take some practice tests that approximate the test time. Do some long study sessions, six, seven, even eight hours at a stretch to give yourself experience with sitting and thinking for this long. A marathoner does many marathon distance runs prior to the race to accustom his or her body to the long distance. You need to get yourself ready mentally as well as physically for the GED if you are to be successful.

        A smart athlete does some work before the race thinking about the obstacles they will encounter during the race and especially in training for the race. They consider when they will find the time to train, how much sleep they will need to train properly, which foods they will eat and how their training will affect the people around them, their family and work. These are important considerations for you to consider as you begin to study because they will defeat you if you are not careful.
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