Gregory Kim
Hi, I'm planning to take a GED test on June.
(I was studying GED with GED acedemy program
since last year november.)

I'm confident at social and science study
and I'm not that good at reading but I'm working on it.

Problem is I'm really miserable at some part of math and writing
(especially,  essay)

Any advice or recommendation on my studies would be appreciated
Thank you.

Hi! Congratulations on taking your GED test!

Math and the writing essay are the hardest parts for many students. For the essay, review the GED Smart chapter on writing. It has some useful tools and explanations about the GED essay. For some practical advice:

1) Be sure you talk about what the prompt is asking you.
2) Try to use short, clear sentences, so that you're easily understood.
3) Have a beginning, middle, and ending to your essay. Write an introduction paragraph, where you give your main idea, your main answer to the prompt. Write middle paragraphs where you give details, like examples from your life. Write an end paragraph where you sum up what you're trying to say, and why it's important.

For the math test, try to focus on your basic math and being able to understand what a word problem is asking for. If you can do basic math, and think through a word problem, you should be able to tackle most of the math test. There will be harder math, of course, but your goal is to be able to answer the most problems correct as possible. If you miss the hardest problems, that's okay. When you take the test, go through and answer all the easiest problems first to make sure you have time to get all your easy answers on paper. Then, go through and deal with the harder problems. If you just don't know an answer, guess. (Review the GED Smart book for information about good guessing strategies.) Remember, basic math is the foundation: It's what you need to know best because you'll use it the most.

Let us know when you pass!

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