I went do H.S for 4 years but have been failing almost every class except for Gym. Not because i was stupid and didn't understand anything in the class, but because i skipped classes and was lazy to do H.W. 2months ago i decided to get a G.E.D. To tell you a truth, i just studied for 2 weeks. Took the exam on December 8, and today i got a letter, saying that i passed the exam.

You are suppose to get 410 at least on each subject and all together 2250.

I got

540-Social Stuies

All together i got 2560. Its the most easiest test i took in my life. Just be confident and you will pass. Good luck to everyone!

Hi Mikhail,

   Congrats on passing your test! You got pretty good scores, are you planning on going to college?

   The test isn't super-easy for everyone, but it's definitely not the most difficult thing in the world either; especially when you're super motivated. Mikhail is correct, everyone! Staying confident is a very important factor for success.

Thanks for sharing with us.

Kirsten Thomas
GED Specialist
GED Academy
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