My story has began almost a year ago when I found out I will need a 12 years of education diploma.
I've been homeschooled (or more correctly - unschooled) since 4th grade and though I live in Israel and English is not my first language I've decided that GED is my best option to earn a diploma.

At the beginning I thought to join a course but it was way too expensive, so I started to look online and found this great website. I also bought a book and looked up for whatever YouTube videos and informative text I could find online.

I've been struggling for a few months, having a hard time believing in myself and at some point stopped studying. I felt that my English wasn't even close to be good enough and I feared Math like it was fire. After a few months of break I took a deep breath and had decided to just go on it. I started to study again and a few days after I came up with a new plan - one test each week. I had to push myself to take the first test and see what happens since I was so so scared. I scheduled the first test and passed! It gave me a great motivation and I just scheduled all the tests week after week, allowing myself only a week to study for each one. Everything went well till the writing test when I had to write my essay.. I looked at the screen and got panic. I spent 20 miuntes just trying to relax myself. After 20 minutes I was somehow able to write something.. And then came Math..... In first grade (when I was still in school) I have decided that I hate Math and kept this thought for years. I barely knew how to add and subtract properly, not talking about the fact that I didn't know the words for these things in English. I gave myself 2 weeks to study (On my first studying shot I've studied a little bit Math but I forgot most of it) and went to the test with tears in my eyes, praying to get 410... GUESS WHAT!

I scored a total of 2920

Science - 540
Social Studies - 580
Writing - 660 (ranking 95!)
Reading - 620
Math - 520 (I still can't believe it)

So I just wanted to thank you and tell everyone out there - YOU CAN TO IT! Believe in yourself!
CONGRATULATIONS, SHIRA!!! I really appreciate you sharing your story. I talk with GED students all the time, and I think the biggest thing that gets in people's way is their self-doubt. Anyone can get their GED if they put their mind to it. Best of luck moving forward, Shira!

Kirsten Thomas
GED Academy
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