Hi, I was just curious while taking a practice quiz, as to why are we presumed to know answers not listed in the passage? Example :  Why does McDonald place a mission statement on the board for all to see? The mission statement is the goal of the company. To me that's plain and simple, so I clicked that answer and it was incorrect the following answers were to share with stockholders, to make the manager feel good, to point to the company's goals..etc. BUT none of this was in the passage and on a previous study we were taught to find our answers in the passage..?? to add insult to injury the computerized guy says, " this is just common sense that it would be all of the above" are you kidding me?? wow! I am a GED student and I don't know what half the stuff in the world say the least stockholder.. that's presumptuous because not everyone knows these things.. I didn't and maybe thats why I keep failing the GED is it for really intelligent people or people trying to learn??
I am not a freaking robot!
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