Mr. Feliz
Applications is another name for word problems.  Word problems are also called story problems.
Try these:
1-What is two more than twice 50?
2-What is 40 less than 40 + 40?
3-Rita is twice as old as Peter who is 12.  How old is Rita?
4-If x = 10 and y = 5, what is the sum of x + y?
5-If 3 is added to 5 and the sum squared, what is the number?
6-If y = 50, then y times 50 will equal what product?
7-If x = y and x is 49, what is the value of y?
8-What is two more than 300 divided by itself?
9-What is 400 less than 20 squared?
10-If x = y and y = z, find z if x = 50 times 2.


wow thats not too bad

adebisi temitope
please i want to practice some GED test.

The GED Academy has complete GED practice tests available... There is also a free, quick GED pre-test. You can learn more on this webpage:

Taking a complete GED practice test is something I'd recommend to anyone planning to take the GED. It's shown to help boost your score, and it gives you the best idea of what the GED test is like and what you need to study.


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