Cindy L Pierce
I have lost my GED certificate and need a copy.  I am trying to go back to school and need GED certificate proof.

I obtained my GED in Little Rock Arkansas between 1975 and 1979.  My name at that time was Cindy L. Pierce.  I have since remarried and am now Cindy L. Deaton

Thank you
Cindy L. Deaton

Hi Cindy,

That is great that you are going back to school! You should be able to order your transcript from this website: Arkansas Department of Career Education.

Here is the phone number in case you have questions:  501 682-1980

I wish you all the best,
Janice Martin
My name is Janice Martin I got my GED in California At The California Department of Corrections In Norco,California How do i obtain a copy? It's under my maiden name Of Smith

Hi, I took my GED in NY state in the early 2000's. I need a copy to apply to a bachelors program next year but to do so I need to know the year/date and testing location but I no longer have that info. I was hoping there was some way around this?

That's the only information I don't have for the form.
Hi Doug,

Thanks for writing and congratulations on passing your GED exams! To obtain a copy of your GED certificate and/or your transcripts, please follow instructions from the GED Credential Requesting Services website. You will need some specific information about your testing, but if you do not remember, contact the GED testing service at to see if they can help you locate the information.

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors,

Rosiee Thormahlen


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