Hi, I'm really needing my GED. I've been to the testing center, an taken a littl test to see where I need to study. Mostly math and apparently social studies. About 5 years ago I passed all the tests except for math. I of course didn't finish that and now here I am having to re do all of them. I'm very disappointed I didn't finish it in time to keep all my scores, since I hear the tests are more difficult.
The instructor said I needed to brush up a bit and then learn some social studies an also basically even thing about math,Which used to be my only worry, now I'm thinking social studies will be Challenging. I work and have children, it's been many years since I went to school and only finished thru 8th grade. I can take the free classes they offer I just don't have the time like I would if I studied online. That's is why I'm looking at your program. I'm wondering, how can I Learn years worth of information in a short amount of time. Do you have a time frame where someone could, depending on how much they study, be ready for the test ? the college I want to attend will allow me to attend possible if I give them an approximate time frame id be getting my GED. And information would help. I know it's hard to determine since it's all in how much time you put it.
Hi there!

Getting your GED certificate is important for a better, brighter future; it is the first step towards starting a career or getting into college.

With GED academy, you can study using a personalized learning plan online. You can choose when, where, and how much to study. Most of our students are ready to take the GED test in 4-6 weeks if they study one hour per day.

This is how our online study program works:

1. You will start with a short self-assessment or a practice test.

2. We design a lesson plan for you by skipping over what you already know, and taking you one step at time through lessons that teach you what you need to learn.

3. The program itself is a mixture of video instruction, practice questions, small reading assignments, and a series of practice tests.

4. If you ever need help, you can call us for personalized tutoring (included in the enrollment fee).

5. Because it's so customized and appeals to so many different learning styles, you move through the program a lot faster than you would using other study methods.

6. The program will let you know when you're ready for your official GED® test.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or enroll online.

Rosiee Thormahlen, Adviser

GED Academy


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