Jesse M
My brother and I weren't doing well in school so our parents took us out to home school us. I didn't work for 3 reasons. Reason 1, we didn't even get the right stuff for homeschooling studying, 2 Our parents both worked and we were left to do the work ourselves, and 3, We didn't try hard enough when we were left alone. I'm a 23 year-old whose only job has been mowing lawns. I've been studying the past couple of weeks in 6th grade math and up. Right now I'm on multiplying fractions and it's going a little slow, but it's better than not studying at all. I want to get a GED so I can find better work and will be able to support myself when my parents die. I still live with them. I applied at a grocery store recently and on the education part I put down that I'm working towards a GED and I hope that helps. I know a lot of places that won't even hire me unless I have a High-School Diploma or a GED. Money is tight right now and the last few times my mom hasn't had a lot of money to get groceries with and she was going to call her brother to get a loan or a title company to put up her car title. I want to get a job, Ged and help out even if I never go to college. We have some cats and dogs with us and I hope we don't have to give them up if can;t can;t get them food or if we have to move to a smaller place that doesn't allow pets. It will take a while to get my GED and I know that if i study enough and take the tests enough time I will eventually pass. That's all I have to say for right now. I hope that in the next couple of years I will be back here saying I finished my studies and that i got my GED. If I don't ever get it than I will have to struggle even more to get by in life even though I'd still have to struggle with a High-School Diploma or a GED.
Hi Jesse, thanks for sharing your story. Believe me when I say that you are not alone. I know times can get really tough, and it's hard not get down on yourself. But listen, the GED is in reach. You have a lot behind you to motivate you, and motivation is a huge percentage of the battle! I can tell by the way that you write that you are a very intelligent and articulate guy. You most definitely have the potential to get wherever you need to be in life. Education is what gets you there. Once you take that step, you'll be well on your way to doing everything you want to do. Please do keep us posted on your progress. You have our support.
Jesse M
I didn't see this post until after I had made a new one.

I got my GED in February, it took a little over a year but it was worth every minute.

I finally remembered this site after I saw an old e-mail. I hope to find a job soon but I know since I don't have any job references it'll take a while, but I'll have to keep trying.
That's excellent news, Jesse! Thank you so much for the update. You see? I was right. I know you could do it! Best of luck moving forward.

Kirsten Thomas
GED Academy
Great decision Jesse!
I understand your strive and I'm very confident you will be succeed while you play your best card on it: your total commitment. 
Good luck Jesse.
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