Danielle Smith
I took my test and passed the first half of it with the help of passged.com. The test seemed to be a little more difficult than the practice test on this website, but I passed. My score wasn't high, but I passed both Social Studies and Reading. I have really bad test anxiety so it was very hard for me to focus without freaking out lol. Now I have to go back and take the math and science portion of the test. I'm so glad I made the choice to use this program. 
Hi Danielle,

Sorry for the delayed response! That is fabulous that you have passed the Social Studies and Language Arts tests! Well done! What an accomplishment, especially for one with test anxiety! I would encourage you to keep studying! You can do it! Along with our program, you can use the resources that we recommend for additional study.

Let us know when you pass Science and Math!

I wish you the best!
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