Zach justice
Okay, well im 16, I'll be 17 in april and i'm a junior in high school in virginia. My parents are both un employed and its hard for us to make ends meet. I want to drop out because I miss alot of school, my teachers dont like, and I have never liked school. While im workin on gettin my GED I'am going to get a full time job to help my parents out financially. I also plan to join the marines when I complete my GED and turn 17. So if anyone has any advice you could give me i would really appreciate it. Thanks.
Hi Zach,

   I'm sorry to hear you're going through a tough situation. If joining the Marines is your ultimate goal, you might seriously consider staying in high school instead of getting a GED. The Marines limit the amount of recruits with a GED to 5% of their yearly recruitment. So, if you drop out and get your GED, it will be tough for you to be accepted into the Marine Corps. You can read more about joining the Marines with a GED here:

   That being said, if a GED feels like your only option, we offer an excellent online study program that will help you study for the GED test at your own pace. You can enroll any time from our website here:

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