Long story short, I had a very bad home life when I was a teenager which caused me to imancipate myself, start working and drop out of highschool. I was a 17 year old with rent, insurance and many bills to pay. Studying took a back seat.  I was lucky to always have a good job that provided me well but by the time I was 22, my only reason for NOT attempting my GED was because I was honestly ashamed at how long I had let this go.... Now here I am, a stay at home mom, 25 years old no high school diploma.... I was still ashamed but the birth of my child is what MADE me do it. There was no EXCUSE now.... I would put my newborn to bed and study, study, study. Today it all paid off. In my mail was my high school diploma and I feel a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. Now I plan to start criminal justice online, doing school work after my kids go to sleep, that way, by the time it's off to K school for them I will have a career as a law enforcement officer. Thank you ged academy. Your program was worth every dime. P.S My husband is in the military and since I did so well on my math i'm helping him that way he can retake his ASVAB test and score higher :-)

Thanks again! 
Kit Parker
WOW NICOLE!!!! What a great story!
We are so happy to hear that you passed your GED and that you let the GED Academy be a part of it. Congrats to you for putting in all that hard work and making time for family! You should probably start on a super mom cape in your free time! wow!

Good luck to you in all your future endeavours! I hope you let nothing hold you back!!!

Grats. I just got mine this year too. Class of 2012. Im 26. From Florida. Its been almost ten years since I dropped out of high school. I attended night class for a year and a quarter. Took the test and passed with 2290. I had to take it twice because of the math part. That's the toughest. Lol but I got it
I put eyes on it for the first time on June 6. I was the first to walk the stage at graduation. No one can anticipate how good it feels when its finally done. I will always be styooked by it.
Hi Robert,

Congratulations on passing the GED! That is great news! You can be an inspiration to a lot of other folks out there who left high school early--it is never too late to get your GED! And having to retest on a subject is nothing to be ashamed of. Just be proud that you did it, and remember that good feeling!

Congrats again! Good luck with your future endeavours!

GED Academy
Congrats! I, myself I'm on the road of taking my ged. I have math and writting left to finish. What was your score on the essay? What did you have to write about?
That's a good question, Dana. Can anyone else share what they wrote about for their GED essay? Good luck on your test! Let us know how you do!

Kirsten Thomas
GED Academy
Congratulations! I'm 26 years old and had my first baby 9 months ago. and I want my GED more than ever, ever since I had my baby, I want nothing but better. Keep up the good work Nicole.
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