Mr. Feliz
How To Prepare For A Math Test
By Mr. Feliz
1-Don't be afraid or shy to ask questions in class or after class.  If you stay quiet, the teacher will assume that you know the material.  Your question will be the same question that other students are fearful and/or too proud to ask during class time. 
2-Do your homework as soon as you get home.  Also, do MORE THAN the actual homework assigned by your teacher.  In other words, if your teacher assigns 10 questions, say for chapter 5, do 5 more questions for a total of 15 questions. 
3-Learn to take good notes during class time.  If you miss class, get the notes from one of your classmates.  Also, bring a tape recorder to class to record each session.
4-Buy math instructional vhs tapes or dvds to view at home.
5-Hire a in-home math tutor who has a math degree not someone pretending to know math.
6-DO NOT, I say, DO NOT leave study time for the last minute.  Some people are good when it comes to last minute study time but MOST PEOPLE do not have this skill or talent.
7-Set up study groups.  In other words, get together with 4 or 5 students from your class, visit the school library or an empty classroom and review as a group.
8-Ask your teacher if he or she has spare time after class or before class to help review unclear math topics.
9-REMOVE the idea from your head that math is hard.  Math is hard when you believe others who make such senseless remarks.
10-Live long and love math!
Mr. Feliz
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