I see all sorts of advice and sites on how to get your GED or transcripts, but how can I find out WHEN I got my GED?

The college I went to is unhelpful (ab tech), and the state (north carolina) refuses to help and simply directs you to the nccommunitycolleges.edu site which tells you to put in the year and pay them.

Is there no way to find out when I got my GED?
Do i just have to pay them over and over for a different year until i guess correctly?
Hi Justin,

Wow, that is a problem! If you can narrow down the year, you can try this form. They give options of 1942-2001, then 2002-2014, for 2014-current, go to GED.com

Have you called the GED Administrator for the state of North Carolina:
Diane Steinbeiser
GED Administrator
5016 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-5016
Transcript Requests: (919) 807-7139 
For State Administrator: (919) 807-7214
Fax: (919) 807-7172

I wish the best,
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