im having a really hard time with equations i feel thats the only part holding me back in math how can i find somone to break it down from the beginning
u can go and type in the priblem n they will show u stept by step
Hi Kyle,
You aren't alone, lots of people have a hard time with math! The pass rate is the lowest of all the tests, but if you spend enough time studying, you'll be prepared and you can pass it! The GED Academy has a study program that covers all the subjects and we're especially good at math! Learn more about it here: There are also tutors available to help you with any problems at 1-800-460-8150. You can start at whatever level you need and build up from there. If you have the time to study, you could be ready to go take the test in just a few weeks depending on how much time you have to study. Give us a call to design a study plan just for you.

GED Academy
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