Hey, I have a question about the GED test.
If you fail one part of the test, but pass the others, like, if you fail the maths test and pass the other tests, will you have to retake the entire GED test, or just the maths test?
Kit Parker
Hey Dimitri,
Good question. If you do not pass all of the sections of your GED test, you do not necessarily have to retake the entire test. It depends on your state's GED testing rules but most states will store your test scores for 1-5 years and allow you to simply retake the failed section again. Keep in mind, there is a new GED test coming out in 2014 and once this new version arrives ALL previous test scores will no longer be good. You want to make sure to pass the entire test before the new exam arrives as it will be much more difficult and again, your previously passing scores will not apply. Hope this helps answer your question. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact GED Academy teachers who are happy to help with a study plan at 1-800-460-8150.
-Kit Parker
thanks for the reply!
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