I took the GED tests for the first time in 2010 and passed everything except for math (my score was 390). So, I retook the math test in January of 2011, but failed.

I haven't retested since 2011 due to a family crisis, and I plan on taking the math test in December or January.

Being that I waited a year and a half... Am I still eligible for retesting? And do I just have to retest for the math?
Kit Parker
Hey Jess,
Each testing center and state has a different amount of time that they will hold GED test scores. The best thing to do is to contact your GED test location and find out if they still have your scores on file which would mean you could retake just the math. If not, then you would need to retake the entire exam-but you already passed most of the sections so I'd bet you can do it again

That said, whatever you have to do I would advise you do so quickly! The GED Test is changing dramatically in 2014. If you wait until the 2014 version arrives it will be a much harder test (multiple essays and much harder math questions) and you would be required to take all 5 sections again.

Wishing you luck in your studying and hoping the testing center has saved your scores. If you need study help you should look in to the GED Academy program where you can study at home, any time you want.

~Kit Parker
GED Academy
I called last week and they said that test scores don't expire until 2014, meaning that my test scores are still valid.

That means that they still have my scores on file right?
Kit Parker
Hey Jess,
All 2002 series GED Test scores are valid until 2014. You want to ask the testing center if they have your specific GED test scores on file though. Each state has a different requirement for how long they will keep GED Scores. It is best to make sure they have your actual scores on file since it has been awhile.

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