I recently took the GED test and made a total score of 2490
and a average of 498.0, however I didn't pass they say becuase my Math score was a 390.

I know my math skills are not that good, but can you recommend something to help me out.
I work to jobs and it's hard to take the time to go to a class.
I want to get My GED completed A.S.A.P.

thanks for you help
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Leonard Williams
Here's a good math study book. The link is from Amazon, the book is called GED Mathematics published by Steck-Vaughn.

We use the book in our classes. It's easy to follow and will definitely improve your math score. LW

Im in GED Class right now. I heard the math is hard to pass! Why do the math have to be so hard? 

The read that the math is hardest because they didn't do a good job teaching us it when we were in h.s. All I remember is trying to understand algebra and never figuring out why i needed to know it. Like when do we ever use it. Same with geometry. So, i think the GED math is hard because we never learned it good in the first place. What do you think?

i have taken the math tests twice i made a 370 the first time the next time i made 380 my timing was very bad and we are always studying the wrong materials in class because each time we take a tests the forms of the test change like at first i took ij then ik.ik was a little bit easier than ij to me. but now i am getting ready to take it again could someone please tell me some good math work that will help me.


I have to agree with everyone!  I have been teaching GED preparation for 11 years and the math test is probably the hardest!  Why, I'm not sure except that perhaps many students hated math when they were in school, and that math anxiety has followed them into adulthood.


One thing that I have found is that if a student is having difficulty with the math test, the best way for studying it is to find a good math book.  You may want to start with a pre-ged math book, not because you don't know the basic math, but because many students need to build their confidence.  Then move to a higher level GED math book.


I books I would recommend would recommend are Top 50 Math Skills for GED Success and Steck Vaughn's Pre-GED math book.


Good luck!


Georgene/GED Instructor

My Math Help Blog:

I recently logged on to your site and read the topics pertaining to the GED Math. I took the test in June 2005. I have never in my years have seen Math like this. Not even in the Math Preparation Class i attended. My score was like everyone else 370. I studied for 6 months just to pass it and received a overall score of 2250 with a battery score of 450.  I am now studying from the 2006 GED and have to take the test again on the 13th. any suggestions? I have been studying throughout the summer and I am now waking up with math "on the brain". I pray this time i will pass it.
Leonard Williams
I recently looked at research for people taking the GED and you are correct, the Math test is by far the hardest. The pass rate is the lowest of all the tests. We recently added a new basic math course to our GED program. Go to this site for information:

The course that will be most helpful for you is called:

Preparing for the GED, Part 1
Part one is covers the basics of Number Operations and Number Sense, including: Percents, Fractions, Decimals, Word Problem Strategies, and Percentage and Interest solutions. This is the most basic math course we offer and is valuable to refresh your basic math skills.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. LW

hey everbody i got to take the test this friday but the say that my score in math is a 450 i thought that is what you need am i right or wrong

Hey good luck. You just need a score of 410 to pass the tests, but the average of all the tests has to be 450. So if you get below 450 on the math, you'll need a score above 450 on one of the other tests to compensate for the average.
What are some good web-sites to brush up on math skills?

When I took the pre-math test I scored a 6grade level. Horrible I know.
But like my teacher said if you don't use it you lose it.

So Now I need to brush up on my math skills and study for it.
I hear it's very heard, Why some say its easy as pie.

Also what are some good web-sites I can use to do this with?


Oh and also how long did it take everyone to get there ged?

For me this is attempt number 3.


this will be my 7th time taking the ged so beleive me ive been studying for 2 years and the fact that you can only take the ged three times a year isnt right it messes people up i just had a baby last week this is really messing me up i cant really continue my life without my ged the math test is way to hard the whole point is for people to pass right this is getting kind of ridiculous. how much more can you expect out of someone seems like no matter what i do i just cant pass this test but the only thing i know is i wont give up no matter what it takes i will pass this test i need it to get a better job and get more money to take care of my son and wife i really wish i could have taken care of this a long time ago so i wouldnt be stuck here now with this constantly on my mind in the end all my complaining comes down to one thing me i need to pass for myself i wish everyone the best of luck and i hope they pass i know i may not pass this year or the year after but i will never give up but its really starting to get frusterating


hello everyone i took the test on the first of May, i scored very high on everything except for the math.I scored a 370. When i got the test scores back, i  cried. But I'm not going to let that stop me, I will keep trying. The math part was so hard, but i dont care how long it will take, i Will study until the cows come home. Good luck to all those who are retaking again, i hope that you will do well..........


The GED exam is a second chance for those who could not make it through the regular high school curriculum.  However, the GED test is not to be compared to the regents.  For example, the GED math section does not cover trigonometry, geometric proofs using the two-column method, precalculus and calculus.  I am not saying that the GED is easy.  I would never make such a statement!!  However, it is a lot HARDER to pass the regents than the GED exam.
Is everyone clear?

Leonard Williams
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