Greetings ,Iam currently writing my GED ,I am left with writing English writing and Maths ,I have done the rest and passed ,I wanted to know if I can apply to any university in America with a combination of my GED and SAT scores ,I am doing my GED in South Africa ,and would want to go for university abroad ..preferably Canada and America ..but I'd like to know if they will let me study with my GED and SATs for uni internationally ?
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for writing! Applying to colleges in the US is a great next step in your education. Each university will have different admissions requirements, so you should check the colleges you are interested in applying to to find out what their requirements are for SAT scores and GED scores. You can contact their admissions department if they don't list a specific GED requirement.

Good luck!

Rosiee Thormahlen


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