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There are two steps to solving math word problems:

(A) Translate the wording into a numeric equation
that combines smaller "expressions"

(B) Solve the equation

Addition Samples:
10 + x, y + 45
Subtraction Samples:
y - 16, 25 - x
Division Samples:
15/x,  R ÷ 600
Multiplication Samples:

15x, 20*x, x(45)
Key words for addition:

increased by; more than; combined together; total of; sum; added to
The above words indicate addition.
Sample A:
What is the sum of 40 and w?
Answer: 40 + w or w + 40
Sample B:
Express the number x of toy cars increased by 20.
Answer: x + 20 or 20 + x
Sample C:
Express the total weight of x and y.
Answer:  x + y or y + x
Key words for Subtraction :

less than, fewer than, reduced by, decreased by, difference of
When you see these words, the question is about subtraction.
Sample A:
What is 50 less than R?
Answer: R - 50
Sample B:
What is R less than 50?
Answer: 50 - R
See the difference between Sample A and B?
Sample C:
What is the difference of my weight w and Janet's weight J?
Answer: w - J
Testing Your Undertanding:  Why is the expression J - w wrong in this case?
Think before you answer.
Key words for multiplication:

of, times, multiplied by

The above words indicate multiplication.
Sample A:
What is u multiplied by 60?
Answer: 60u or u60....Numbers next to letters indicate multiplication in the world of math.
Is this clear?
Sample B:
Four cars averaged h hours.
Answer: 4h or h4
Sample C:
I drive my car at 65 miles per hour.  How far will I go in k hours?
Answer: 65k or k65
Key words for division: 
per, a; out of; ratio of, quotient of; percent (divide by 100)
The above words indicate division.
Sample A:
What is the quotient of M and 6?
Answer: M/6 or M ÷ 6
Sample B:
Four students rented a boat for d dollars per hour.
What will each student pay?
Answer: d/4 or d ÷ 4
Sample C:
T items cost a total of $50.
Express their average cost.
Answer: $50/T or $50 ÷ T
Practice for You:
(1) What is the sum of 50 and F?
(2) Express the number z of bikes decreased by 4.
(3) What is L times 100?
(4) What is the quotient of H and 500?
Mr. Feliz
I have not finished but this is not average:

Four cars averaged h hours.
Answer: 4h or h4
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